Sunday, September 14, 2008

Söndag in the jungle.

Its been almost three months since I found Söndag. I am really happy that I did found her. She is great a little too curious but cats are like that. She loves the front yard and the backyard. She is a great climber too. Plays with anything that crosses in front of her or catches her attention. Loves ham lean turkey one. Well here are her new photos in the "jungle".


  1. Diantres que grandota! Wow y ya van tres meses!!! Me pregunto si extranara ser libre JAJAJAJA es broma...! NO ME MIRES FEO!!!

  2. she is free... so she cant miss it cause she is.

  3. Awww!
    Pero qué bella!
    Ya casi es leona. :D
    Sondag, Welcome To The Jungle!
    Ahí le dejo, para que se inspire con esa viejera... parece q. el cantante tomó mucho café.

  4. Ana estas segura que fue cafe?
    Tengo mis serias dudas de que haya sido cafe.