Monday, January 12, 2009

Claws, Bathe and what else?

Took this photos of the miss Sondag yesterday. Just checking if the camera still had baterries. I miss taking photos. Is been a long while since I take a really good bunch of them. As you can see little miss Sondag needs to cut her claws. I am really working on that subject. I called the veterinary the other day to make an appointment for her so he could cut them and also bath her.

I haven't told you that I tried and she almost killed me. Not a great idea after all I guess. After the incident I went online did a Google search and found out some good advices on other matters related to cat bathing and grooming. I am now waiting for the things to arrive so I can groom her. The veterinarian will charge me $63 for cutting her claws ad bathing her. Why so expensive 'cause she needs to be sedated. That is the only way to bathe her. Cute isn't it? I still love her anyways. Besides she doesn't stink... Yet! Is more a preventive and health issue.

[BTW: all photos are mine taken by me Reavel. so that you know]



  1. ...puedes chekar en algun grooming ya que puede que te cobran un poco más barato, pero ojo, en algunos maltratan a los animales, así que si tienes alguna referencia, mejor. Lo de las uñitas pues en algunos veterinarios se las cortan gratis. Yo llevo a Sonya a uno en Hatillo y no me cobran nada ya que es un servicio a la comunidad. Mucho éxito en tu busqueda!!!

  2. IO...
    gracias por la info. sigo buscando en mi area. esta medio dificil aca en Carolina encontrar algo totalmente free. El vet dijo que la corta pero quiero hacerle todo de ves. banho, corte a la vez pero ella es tan docil... [NOT!]