Sunday, February 1, 2009

From basket to bed

I know today is like the super bowl or something but I am not into that. I only care about the ads and I haven't seen any either so I will quickly change subject and let the best one win. There goes my super bowl love. Watched the Heroes ad for the football thing it was awesome. Loved it. By the way I couldn't believe that is already super bowl time. Honestly days are passing by too darn fast and we are not living them we are just passing by them. So sad.

Anyways. I wanted to buy a bed for Mrs. Sondag but due to some economic issues I haven't been able to do so. This afternoon I was very bored lying on y bed suddenly I remembered that I had a basket on my old room that I wasn't using. Then it came to my head. Why I don't turn it into Sondag's bed? And so the idea was born.

I took some pictures of the before and after. Sadly I didn't too of the whole process. You will need to make some cushion/pillow for the inside of the basket, cardboard [like the ones you buy for displays you can find them at school/office supplies stores], the basket [if you can find on taller it would be great still they dont need to much space], some felt, scissors/exacto knife to cut everything.

Make the cushion according to the bottom of the basket, then cut the cardboard to the size of the top where is open [remember to cut it a little bit bigger cause this will be put at pressure on the top.. that is what I did.. but if you have better ideas go with them.. at least this worked for me]. Yes the whole so the kitty can go in. Make a pattern from other cat covered bed [ I made a stencil then marked the spot and cut it with some garden scissors since it is like wood you wont be able to use regular scissors] The felt is to cover up what you just cut but you can use whatever you feel like using.

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