Monday, February 9, 2009

Litter Box

I wanted to get a covered litter for Sondag because when she used it she always left some of the litter out side on the floor. Too much to clean after and it didnt look/smell nice when people go to my room and see the cat litter in a corner.

I went online checked some styles and prices... I figured out that since I aint paying +$200 for #cat litter furniture I made one. Ouh cardboard I love thee. I just took for as example some of the ones you see in any cat furniture website and made it with cardboard.

The whole project was under $10... for me it was free since I had the cardboard, duct ape and spray paint at home. I used a box and made the lid also from another cardboard. used an exacto knife and covered it with duct tape. You don't have to paint it you could use anything you wish. One thing make sure the cardboard is strong enough to hold your cats weight and playing around or with the box.

IT DOES WORK. I post about it here the day I made it. Also uploaded the photos to my flickr account. Of course I still have to clean but so much less and is better too cause it doesnt smell that much and people wont see the litter in the room as a litter just a box for storage. I even think is eco friendly somehow since you are recycling. That makes me happy.

Litter Making

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