Friday, July 31, 2009

Traveling and Söndag

Its been a while since I posted something related to my beloved Söndag so this post is about her. I am leaving to US for vacations in a week. I will have to leave her all by herself on my house for two weeks. My sister will check up on her between days. Still I am so worried maybe for no reason but I think that she will miss me and well the people in the house. She spends most of the day alone but when I get back from work I always spend time with her. we play until she wants to go on her own.

I think she even knows/feel somehow that I am leaving soon or something cause this past few days she always meows me when I get home. She is actually demanding attention. Something she hardly ever does. Maybe cause she knows there will be someone around. She is always at the door waiting for me. Last night I even had to sleep with here until she went to her bed. She laid besides me resting over my arm and all. She havent done that in quite some time. I am really worried cause I think it is way too much time away from her.

I got her some water/food dispenser so she wont have problem with that. I wish that airlines didn't charged that much for pets. It is an outrage. My ticket plane was even cheaper than a pet ticket. To ask for a $100 dollar ticket for each way? My whole trip ticket was $89 & $69 so you do the math. I didn't believe that going on vacation while having a pet would be this hard. Honestly it is like having a kid. You want to make sure they are safe. It is kind of crazy, but you are trying to be responsible.

Anyways I was picking up my luggage and Söndag decided to jump in for a while. I miss her already. You can also watch this video on YouTube.

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