Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Camp

So mah human says I am going to a summer camp the next two weeks. Since I cant go on vacation with her she found me a nice place to stay while she is gone. The place is called Clinica Veterinaria Villamar in Isla Verde. She called today to make the arrangements. It seems that they have special good and nice cages for pets. I can even bring my own food and toys. That is awesome.

I wish I could see it before I go. I am not to hype on the news but at least I wont be home alone for two weeks. I dont like to be alone. There is always people around mah room and they visit me, give me treats and all I love mah home. They have AC all day on. I will meet new kitties and other animals perhaps. I know that if mom leaves me there is because she knows everything will be alright. It is even cheaper than taking me on a trip. They charge $10 the night if I bring my own food. If I have their food it is $13 but since I rather eat what I know I like mom went with the $10 price. Less stressful too and that is important for me.

I hope I could share some pics of those 19 days on this summer camp but as you know mah photographer will be out on vacation. I mis mum already. All this will be possible thanks to mum grandma that is paying mah wonderful stay. Gosh I love her so much. She pampers me a lot.

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